Sunday, 18 August 2013

Some golf

Is it so difficult to hit a ball with a club to get it into a hole? Oh yes, it so is! Just today someone asked me at the club house of the Lignano Golf Club: "So,  and you? Nothing golf, eh?" Well, I wanted to answer, I would not call 70 some lessons in two and a half years and hundreds of euros later "nothing", really. I would rather call it "someone is trying really, really hard", but yeah, I still don't have a handicap and who knows if I will get one before I turn 76! But, you're right: nothing golf... Eh?! 
When I got home after that conversation I decided to open the only book my golf  instructor suggested I would buy: "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons". And here I am, hoping to improve by reading. Thinking about it: reading is doing something, so "nothing golf" would really be an understatement . 

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