Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shoelicious Italy

Some men think all women go crazy about shoes. Period. Well, I used to be one of the very few women in the western world who did not share this behaviour with other female humans. All right, I did treasure shoes just as much as any other item in the closet; but not more. In the past, I'ld buy high boots and ankle boots, mary janes, sandals and, of course, stilettos, just as much as I would carry home skirts, jeans, dresses, shirts or any other piece that would enrich my wardrobe. What exactly changed my well-containted love for footwear into a hot, passionate can be summed up in one word: Italy. It is not a myth that Italians have the best footwear fashion. No matter where I go shopping here, some never-before-seen shoe style will catch my eye and soon later my credit card once again gets out of my wallet. This lovely pair of Janet & Janet wedge heel sneakers are the newest addition to my shoe closet. Just lovely! And I am sure that they will not remain the newest ones there for a long time.

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