Friday, 28 March 2014

A pink heaven on my feet

It's lovely to live close to one of the most beautiful cities (if not THE most beautiful city) in the world: Venice! We spent last weekend there, enjoying the museums, window shopping and real shopping (obviously), sipping overpriced coffee, visiting the oldest casino in the world, eating ice-cream and loving life! 
There is just one down side when you're from around here: you do wanna dress "Italian style"; fashionable, trendy and not touristy. You wanna show you are from the area which usually comes with pretty but pretty uncomfortable shoes! That, again, is a huge problem when you're in Venice where you walk miles after miles after miles while discovering new streets, trying to find the exhibition site and eventually getting lost on your way back to the hotel. Not so easy. I opted for sneakers for my weekend trip, but trendy ones with a wedge. I admit I had previously never worn them for more than three to four hours at the time while mostly standing or sitting. In Venice however, we walked for hours and hours straight. The first day was somewhat okay but I suffered after just 30 minutes the next day. I obviously needed new sneakers, real ones. I managed to get comfy yet trendy ones: I loooooove my pink Nike Dual Fusion sneakers!!! They feel like heaven and saved my weekend in Venice. I will definitely wear them next time to the lagoon city and make sure to combine them with an Italian brand purse. They already go with my opi nail polish. Good to go!

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