Sunday, 18 November 2012

First peek: MJ's outfits

Here is a first peek into my Italianized closet. This might seem like a summer outfit to you, but I wore this a few days ago... one advantage living in Italy and not Germany or Canada.
I am wearing a neon orange scarf that I found in a local boutique. It had no label on it. I love it! The top is a plain H&M undershirt in a neutral colour. I find neutrals work best with coloured pants. The yellow faded jeans are made by Mötivi, an Italian clothing chain operated by Miroglio Group. My shoes are from Café Noir's 2012 summer collection. They have a brown, 12 centimeter heel that cannot be seen in this picture. The purse is from this year's Liu Jo collection. I love the nude colour. It goes with everything!

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