Friday, 5 October 2012

late night packing

Just before midnight seems to be my time of the day. We're heading to the Venice Airport early this morning to catch a plane to first Rome and then Athens. The long-awaited vacation will finally start in a few hours.
I don't know how many suitcases I have packed in my life. Too many as far as I am concerned. I am only in my mid 30s and sometimes I feel like I am too old to travel. I might have just had too much of it at an early age: Italy, France, Spain, back and forth between the US, Europe and Canada. Not even regarding trips to Australia, Mexico and Israel, I must say, that I have had my fair share of travelling. One thing I will never be good at though is packing. My boyfriend V. is talking just his carry-on luggage, some boxers, socks, a pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, seven shirts, his glove and golf shoes - basta. There is still some space in his tiny suitcase. I am struggling to stay within 20 kilograms of my check-in luggage. I need a city outfit, beach wear, golf clothes, a dinner dress and the right style when meeting more of V.'s relatives. What shoes go with which outfit? Impossible to bring less than 40 pounds... and why am I always late, late, late when it comes to packing? It's 23.39. Still lots to do. Better get going... need to weigh my bags once again hoping in the last 30 minutes a change in gravity has occurred.

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