Thursday, 4 October 2012

a kitchen full of secrets

Cook books from the US, Canada, Australia, Italy and Germany; language-wise this shelf is very chaotic. 

I admit: I am a cook book addict. Colourful hard-cover and paperbacks in English, German and Italian language as well as notebooks full of handwritten recipes, secretly scribbled down during long phone conversations with my Oma in Germany while she was explaining how to create the perfect cabbage roll, are all lined up on a shelf in my kitchen. I love reading the recipes of the most famous chefs of our time such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Curtis Stone, Donna Hay, Rachel Ray and some German TV celebrity chefs such as  Tim Mälzer, Christian Rach and Cornelia Poletto. Number one on my list, however, is Canada's best known chef: Michael Smith who created my fabulous 22nd birthday dinner in a tiny little kitchen on Victoria Road in Halifax Nova Scotia. How come? This is worth another entry. Stay tuned for the full story.
So, I don't just buy the cook books, I also read them. I really do. One thing I never do though is follow the recipes. I am either lacking an ingredient here or don't have time to make the perfect "soffritto" in 25 minutes before starting to make the actual risotto. I am sure Gordon would show an expression of disgust on his face should he ever actually observe what I do to his recipes. I often times imagine him standing right behind me and I suddenly feel guilty. Those are the secrets of a woman working in the kitchen. My self blame vanishes as soon as I see V.'s sparkling eyes when he looks at the plate full of wonderful creations. And when he mumbles "hmmmm", no Gordon Ramsay could ever be disappointed, right?!

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