Wednesday, 3 October 2012

no deadline, no outcome

Hello to the world,

after a full week of layout work, figuring out and playing around with Photoshop after years of abstinence, I am proud to finally write my first post today. Writing a blog is my attempt to get order and discipline into my life. Yes, you did read right: despite all stereotypes I am an example of a German who is lacking discipline - big time, I should add. Having worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper for many years, I am programmed the following way: no deadline no outcome.
I seem to need pressure in order to get things done. I need to hear the clock go tick-tack, tick-tack, tick-tack and the feeling of panic must possess me. Once it's almost impossible to get things done in time, that's when I wake up, roll up the sleeves, start hitting my fingertips with the speed of light onto the keyboard and perform to my fullest potential. Otherwise, laziness possesses me and I manage to steep four bags of herbal tea, make one pot of coffee and bake two loaves of bread in less than an hour, open the fridge ten times in five minutes, check the window in case a neighbour might show up and get lost in my thoughts of wanna-be-doing. However, procrastination belongs to the past, discipline is the key to success and the motor of my existence as a blogger.
My vision is to showcase bits and pieces of my new life in Italy, share my every day adventures in discipline building with my readers while doing what makes me happy: to write. Further I am hoping to acquire new skills as a photographer little by little trough editing and blogging photos of my every day life. Okay, this vision statement would not have been worth an A+ in my management classes at university, but I will see it as a beginning to change. A friend told me after he had known me for less than two days: "We are different. You are a dreamer, I am a doer." Now, ten years later, I want to prove him wrong and show to myself and my readers that I have been and am indeed a doer, a last-minute-doer, but a doer.
It is now 23:58 and my goal to publish the first post on October 3rd 2012 has been accomplished. Good night, MJ

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