Sunday, 27 January 2013

Itali-awesome... is what I am

My yoga idol and teacher Sadie Nardini actually did it. She posted a link to my little blog on her facebook page. How amazing is that?! The ultimate wellness expert from Brooklyn actually liked my blog and wanted her fans to read about my yoga experience. Here is what her facebook post says:

SEE WHAT MY 21-DAY YOGA BODY COURSE DID FOR ONE FABULOUS CHICA! And what it could do for you!! Plus her blog is Itali-awesome! Get your tips today!

Itali-awesome! Wow! That's what I am?!? 
Thanks to Sadie I have had literally thousands of visitors to my blog, people I have never met wrote positive comments and sent me e-mails and facebook messages in which they let me know that they were inspired by me. I feel very fortunate to be able to make a little difference in someone else's life and I am more motivated than ever to continue writing my little blog, taking pictures and remain a dedicated yogi. Once more I would like to say: Thanks, Sadie, you totally rock!

Links to:
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