Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year - New MJ

New year resolutions are lame to some. Why change on a specific date? Why not change on a specific date? That's my opinion. If you want a transformation, the date is today.
There are not many things I would like to change about myself. I am a loved member of my family and my wonderful boyfriend makes me feel like a princess every day. I am healthy, I have a wonderful home and my life in Italy is sunny and full of little pleasures. What would I want to change? Well, there is always something: discipline and patience for example are two things I would like to show more in my every day life. In order to work on my inner self and get back into shape after all the Christmas cookies and German nut triangles I ate, I decided to to start a transformation by doing more of what I love to do: yoga.
I took on not one but two yoga challenges. I am already on day 4 of both programs and I can feel my body and mind have changed already!
Both courses are taught online. The first one I chose is the 21 day yoga challenge from the Yoga Journal. It is completely free of charge, so no excuses. Here is the link: I am participating in the intermediate program. The lessons are quite intense but the teachers explain each pose really well. This program compliments the other challenge I took on: 21 day yoga body by Sadie Nardini and DailyOM and I must say: this program rocks! Here is the link: You can pay as little as one dollar, but I suggest you honestly pay what you can, these lessons are definitely worth every cent. Sadie Nardini teaches a great yoga style which I have been practicing through her online lessons for a while: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. The poses are challenging and highly intense and that's why they are really effective. I can feel my body changing already!
What's more, Sadie gives great tips on how to incorporate little changes in your life to become the person you want to be by making healthier choices when it comes to inner thoughts as well as food.
She gives practical advice that I do not want to all share with you as I believe you should really take the course yourself and follow the expert. However, I will show you how some of her recipes turn out and how I changed them to fit better into my lifestyle and diet. Change today. Take the 21 day yoga challenges and tell me how this works for you! Namaste.

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