Monday, 28 January 2013

Lacy, dressy, comfy

Strolling through the boutiques in northern Italy, I found this cute Molly Bracken dress. I loved it at first sight. It goes with so many items in my closet and is much more than just a simple underdress. I am showing a few combinations here, others might follow.

For combo number one I threw on a long blue shirt that I used to wear mainly at home with leggings. The brown chunky boots (Clocharme) dress the outfit down a lot. The grey high heels (Caf√© Noir) make the ensemble look a bit dressier. 
The second outfit is a red lacy dress that I wear with high heel black shoes and (again) lacy socks.
In the last three pictures I wear a simple brown cardigan and a leather belt.

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