Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Waterfall pigeon and challenging crow

I wish I had the right word to express how much I love the 21 day yoga body transformation course from DailyOm that I have been taking for the past 19 days. I love it. I love it and, oh right, I love it! I must say I do not even feel bad about quitting my other 21 day yoga challenge from the Yoga Journal. Yes, this was supposed to be a double yoga challenge, doing two programs for 21 days simultaneously. Along the way, however, I realized that I not only love Sadie Nardini's lesson much more than the other one, but I acknowledged the fact that Sadie's course was also much more effective - and on day 16 I quit the other program. Why do I not feel horrible about quitting? That's because I have transformed not only my body but also my ways of thinking thanks to the course. I managed to follow through the one yoga challenge that I really like and in fact, I have been feeling even more than satisfied these past few days, because I listened to what my body wanted: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga by Sadie Nardini!
Sadie's program is very challenging though, the crow pose is impossible for me to do, but I loved the waterfall warrior and my favourite of all times is the waterfall pigeon! Two more days to go. Cannot wait for the next lesson tomorrow!

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