Thursday, 10 January 2013

The secret lies in the water

On day 7 of my yoga challenge, I must say that I really feel the difference. I sit up straighter, my mind is more rested and, yes, I did lose weight: 3.75 pounds (1.7 kg). I see a more glowing Mary-Jana when I look in the mirror. This might be due to the little changes in my eating habits which are recommended by yoga teacher Sadie Nardini during the course - the secret might also be in the water of which I finally manage to drink a lot of.

Drinking more water used to be so difficult to me. I just forgot to drink during the day and I am not fond of the plain taste of nothingness. Thanks to Sadie I have been drinking about 2.5 liters every day - without any effort. The secret is: infusion! I simply throw some berries, an orange, some ginger slices or a lemon in fresh water. I keep the drink in a pretty glass container with a lid. Since I like my drinks at room temperature, I place the water bottle on the table where the floating fruit looks pretty. Every time I look at it, I pour myself a glass. Thank you, Sadie for helping me drink more water!

Just throw a handful of raspberries in your water; the outcome is pretty and delicious.

Making time for yoga every day means to show a lot of discipline but the reward I am getting is worth it! Plus, I learn to be organized. Sadie Nardini is so motivating and inspirational, although she is only present on the screen of my i-pad, it seems as though she goes through the transformation process with me. Knowing that she lost 40 pounds doing yoga and making little changes in her life gives me energy to reach my personal goals. During her course "21 day yoga body on Daily Om" ( she encourages the participant to keep a journal, list transformation goals and get negative influences and thoughts out of my life, mind and body forever.

The other yoga challenge from the Yoga Journal ( takes about 30-40 minutes a day and is mainly focussed on yoga poses but not so much on overall transformation. After one week I would totally recommend Sadie Nardini's course over the Yoga Journal one, but taking both of them, makes the experience a true challenge!


  1. MJ, you inspired me!!! Now I'm also trying the yoga challenge - and it honestly is the best yoga exercise I ever tried out. Today is my second day and all my muscles hurt... ;-)
    And: I'm drinking water with fruits and lemon tea in the morning and I tried out your vegetable-recipe – it's just great! (Although I'm not a veggie-person at all...)
    So please, keep on writing so heartening – I will keep following you!
    :-* Nina

    1. Thanks Nina!! I hope the yoga challenge still works for you! I feel awesome on day 22! Really! Stick with it! Talk soon. xoxo MJ

  2. Another really inspiring post... Thanks!
    I also have trouble getting in enough water so I will try infusions. And... I need to develop more discipline. Am wondering whether to tackle the yoga challenge right away or wait a bit. I guess no time like the present, right? :)

    1. Haha, I am just the same: lacking discipline. Sadie Nardini's course really helped me though, she gives great tips also on goal setting and making space for things that are really important in your life. Take the challenge today!

  3. Great idea, I will definitely try this !!! I also love Sadie Nardini's videos! I"m glad her course helped you! xxx